The Chuprene Reserve

The Chuprene Reserve - one of the big biosphere reservations in the Republic of Bulgaria with a total area of 1451.99 hectars.  In 1977, it was included in the list of biosphere reserves under the Human and Biosphere program of UNESCO. 

The Saeva Dupka Cave

The Saeva Dupka Cave is pronounced as a natural sight. Its length is 400 meters. The cave is called "the underground pearl" of Bulgaria due to the diverse in shape and size stalactites, stalagmites and sinter columns, coloured in all possible shades.

Krushuna waterfalls

Krushuna waterfalls - several beautiful waterfalls formed amongst very beautiful nature, near the village of Krushuna, close to Sevlievo in Northern Bulgaria. There you can find restaurants, guest houses and even playground for the children. The walk to the waterfalls is light and pleasant and they can be reached all year round.

Haidouk Waterfalls

Haidouk Waterfalls is located in the beautiful valley of Golyama Reka (en. Big River). It can be accessed via a route, which crosses two rivers - Slivashka bara and Sredna bara - with several water cascades on those river. Along the path, there are magnificent views to the localities of Kasi del and Tuzlata.

Kom Mount

Kom Mount (2016 m) is located in the Western Stara planina, only on the territory of Berkovitsa. Several ski tracks start from its foot, which attract hundreds of winter sports lovers. Also there is the starting point of the traditional tourist trekking to Emine Cape on the Black Sea, which lasts for a month.

Vidimskoto Praskalo

Vidimskoto Praskalo is a waterfall located in the Middle Stara planina, in the Severen Dzhendem reserve, a part of the Central Balkan National park. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Bulgaria – 80 meters. It is located in the Eastern part of the Severen Dzhendem. The waterfall can be reached via an eco trail which starts from the town of Apriltsi.

Central Balkan National Park

The pedestrian tourism is primarily encouraged in the Park. There are places built for short recreation – places for camping, for setting fire, for rest, while adhering to the norms for the number of tents for people spending the night there and the number of nights spent in one place. The organisation of mass events in the Park can be done with adherence to certain conditions and only with the permission of the National Park Directorate. The Tsarichina Reserve is part of the park. It is near the village of Ribaritsa, which is also catchment area.

Balgarka Nature Park

Balgarka Nature Park encompasses the northern slopes and hills of the Shipka and Tryavna mountains. It extends at an area of 22 000 hectares. One of the good prerequisites for development of different types of tourism is the well-developed infrastructure, part of which connects Northern and Southern Bulgaria through the territory of the Balgarka Nature Park. The towns Tryavna, Plachkovtsi and Gabrovo are the baseline points to the mountain.

The Rogozen treasure

The Rogozen treasure in the Regional Tistory Museum in Vratsa is a world famous treasure, which weighs more than 20 kg and includes 165 silver objects, some of which are gold-plated. According to experts, it is also one of the most significant antique treasures found in South-Eastern Europe, which has even represented Bulgaria in the Louvre in Paris.

The old part of Tryavna

The old part of Tryavna is rich with its authentic Revival architecture where almost 140 cultural monuments can be seen. Of particular interest for the visitors are the wood works that are characteristic for the region and exhibited in the museums of wood-carving and iconography in the town.


In Bozhentsi the tourists are welcomed into a pretty village with architecture from the National Revival period and 600-year history. Visit to the village is often preferred in combination with a route with neighbouring tourist sites.

Glozhene Monastery

Glozhene Monastery -  one of the most visited monasteries in the country and a current cultural monument as a part of the Lovech diocese. Its location allows for a vast and beautiful panoramic view from the monastery. There is also a small museum next to it dedicated to Vasil Drumev and the hiding place of Vasil Levski.

Prohodna cave

Prohodna cave is one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. Because of the natural light that comes from the enormous entrances and from the natural openings in the ceiling, i.e. "the eyes", it is called "God's eyes".

Todorin Kukli Mount

Todorin Kukli Mount - 1785 m high. It is one of the symbols of the town of Varshets. It is a group of rock towns which attract the tourists with the miraculous shape of a female figure and its name is related with the tragic death of a young girl named Todora.