Wine route

Wine route with beginning: equestrian centre Kaloyan 92, Arbanasi; area Garga bair ("Cradle of love"), Yalovo Winery, village of Yalovo; going to the Elena Balkan and the village of Maryan and the winery with the same name, stop in the 200 decares of vineyards of Hotul Bunar Winery (Zlataritsa), the only museum of nomadism in Lyaskovets.

The Alpine Central Balkan

The Alpine Central Balkan – a 4-day route - it includes passing through the area of Smesite (village of Cherni Osam), Dermenka hut, the Troyan monastery (or the town of Troyan, if you go by train), Ambaritsa hut, and a splendid walk along the ridge of the mountain, which is flat in this part and mostly covered with woods. The walk passes also by the peaks Golyam Kupen, Krasttsite and Kostenurkata. 

Vitata Stena eco trail

Vitata Stena eco trail - the trail starts in the centre of the village of Yavorets (17 km from Gabrovo on the road to Sevlievo). Passing through the vineyards, the path goes east from the village to the road fork for the village of Armeni and reaches Byalata Voda, where a beautiful view to the surrounding villages opens up. After Vlaychevtsi, we reach a riding arena with built facilities. The route from the village of Yavorets to village of Vlaychevtsi is 22 km long.

Elenski Balkan cycling route

The route begins in the centre of Elena where there are a couple of parking lots. From that point, we leave the town going south-west, by first climbing and then descending to the valley of Veselina River. From Bagalevtsi through Todyuvtsi to Drenta we follow the river for almost 15 km. This part of the route includes alternating slight climbs and descents and it is very pleasant. Then come the offroad part - steep uphill above Drenta and then downhill to Badevtsi.

Via Ferrata Eco trail

Via Ferrata Eco trail is located in the region of the Dryanovo Monastery and is marked with green paint and signs with directions. It starts from the parking lot in front of the St. Archangel Michael monastery going east following the stone stairs towards the railroad line. It continues along the  line going south. After 200 m, at the tunnel, the path diverts to the left and runs in curves under the cliffs above Dryanovska River.

Under the Dazzling Waterfall eco trail and Skoka waterfall

The trail leads to Skoka waterfall. Its total length is about 4 km as 3.4 km of them are an asphalt road and the remaining 600 m are the actual eco trail. The road begins from the central part of the town. The eco trail is picturesque and runs along the Koznitsa River. Along the path, tables and benches are made and a wide shelter with a fire place is built close to the waterfall. 

Iskar-Panega eco trail

Iskar-Panega eco trail - coming from Sofia, you will see the beginning of the trail just before entering Lukovit. The eco trail runs along the Panega River. It unites two separate regions – Karlukovo Karst complex and the Panega landscape park. The trail is suitable for recreation - there are many places where you can have a picnic or a barbecue, there are multiple benches, bridges, winding stairs. 


"Kom-Emine", also known as route E3, is the name of the longest marked hiking trail in Bulgaria. The trace of the route is approximately 560 – 580 km long. The end points are Kom Mount to the West, in immediate proximity to the border with Serbia, and Emine Cape on the Black Sea coast.