Traditional cuisine

Festival of the Elenski But

Festival of the Elenski But (bg: Elena leg (dry-cured ham from the town of Elena),  Elena, November - The feast combines the best of the local traditions in the fields of culinary, crafts, folklore. Re-enactments, culinary areas, spaces for kids, rich program that runs in parallel on two scenes, contest "In search for the disappeared pork leg" – these are a small part of the surprises that attract more and more guests from the country and abroad with each coming year. The feast lasts for three days.

Typical foods

The local cuisine of the Stara Planina Tourist Region is diverse. Traditionally, like in most regions within the country, countless variations of pastry and their derivatives prevail. The interesting tastes come to a great extent from the way of cooking because ceramics is highly developed in the region and allows slow cooking of the food.