Chiprovtsi Carpet Festival

Chiprovtsi Carpet Festival, May - different stages of making the famous carpet products are demonstrated – wool spinning, its colouration with natural materials, and weaving the carpet on the characteristic vertical Chiprovtsi loom. Skilled women and young girls from the carpet weaving team of the local school demonstrate their weaving techniques. The festival is aimed to make carpet weaving popular and to attract the interest of the young people.

Traditional Crafts Fair

The 4-day Traditional Crafts Fair is held annually on the holiday of the Troyan monastery, which is on 15th of August. Besides folk art objects, the guests of the fair can buy practical ceramic household utensils, to enjoy the organised attractions and the traditional cuisine in the cool pubs.

Festival of the Elenski But

Festival of the Elenski But (bg: Elena leg (dry-cured ham from the town of Elena),  Elena, November - The feast combines the best of the local traditions in the fields of culinary, crafts, folklore. Re-enactments, culinary areas, spaces for kids, rich program that runs in parallel on two scenes, contest "In search for the disappeared pork leg" – these are a small part of the surprises that attract more and more guests from the country and abroad with each coming year. The feast lasts for three days.

Festival of folklore national dress in Zheravna

The festival provides an opportunity for authentic experience and fusion with the Bulgarian traditions. All attendees must wear Bulgarian traditional clothing, mobile phones are prohibited (their use is allowed only at certain places), wearing contemporary bags and using contemporary cutlery is forbidden. The festival program includes performances of ensembles for folklore music, and craft masters show their skills on site.