The Ministry of Tourism announces the start of the eighth annual Tourism Awards 2023

The Ministry of Tourism announces the start of the Annual Tourism Awards 2023. This will be the eighth edition of the competition, which has established itself as a recognition of the applied good practices and hard work in the field of tourism over the past year. 

This year, the competition will be held in 9 categories, of which 4 professional, 4 artistic and the traditional grand prize, which is in the "Choice of the Bulgarians" category. It will be determined among all tourist sites included in the "100 national" and "50 little-known places" in Bulgaria.

Applications are submitted online on the platform The participation form is simplified, developed in the form of a survey, which is filled out and sent directly through the site. All the conditions that the participants need to meet are described in detail there. 

The deadline for all interested parties to submit their proposals is 23:59 on November 26, 2023. Eligible applicants will be announced on the awards website and online voting will begin on November 28, 2023.

 In the artistic categories - for publications on the topic of tourism, each media can participate with only one material or its representative in one category. If more than one proposal is received from a given media in one category, one participant will be broadcast according to the criteria and methodology of the competition. We remind you that the media - print, television or radio stations, which also have online sites, can also participate in the category "Journalistic material on the topic of tourism in Bulgaria in online media" with material that has been placed on the site, but it must be different from the material with which they apply for their main category. 

A requirement has been added to the regulation in the professional categories that an object/ attraction/ event/ service, etc., which has applied and received an award in the previous two years, cannot apply again, unless there is a significant change to the product or service offered.

An online vote will determine the award winners in each category. Everyone can vote once for one participant within one category (one vote from each IP address is counted), and a candidate from each category can be supported. Online voting will close on December 5, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. 

The experts will carefully monitor to prevent manipulation and unregulated generation of votes. And this year, the control will be increased, with additional measures planned to minimize the possibility of changing the electronic vote. Attempts to interfere will be promptly reported and will negatively affect the ranking of the candidate concerned. The categories for which applications can be submitted are:

  • "Tourist attraction/site/event";
  • "Tourist destination";
  • "Specialized tourism";
  • "Innovation";
  • "The choice of the Bulgarians";
  • "Journalistic material on tourism in Bulgaria in print media";
  • "Journalistic material on tourism in Bulgaria in online media";
  • "Journalistic material on the topic of tourism in Bulgaria in an internet blog";
  • "Journalistic material on tourism in Bulgaria on television".

 We await your applications!