The town was founded with the name of Anchialos at the end of the 5th century BC. Most of its inhabitants were Thracians. It flourished especially during the Roman rule. The Christianity was already introduced in the ancient Anchialos at the end of the 1st century AD. According to the legend, Andrew the Apostle (also called Saint Andrew) passed through the Black Sea city on his way to Kiev, then a major administrative and port centre within the Roman Empire.

Under the rule of Khan Krum, in 812, Anchialos was conquered by the Bulgarians, and later, after the process of Christianisation of Bulgaria, by 894 a Bulgarian church organization was established there. A little later (on the 20th August 917), Tsar Simeon the Great defeated the Byzantine army at the Battle of the Aheloy River. From the end of the 13th century the bishop of Anchialos was honoured with the rank of metropolitan. Subsequently, Anchialos often passed from Bulgarian to Byzantine hands and vice versa. Many important battles between Bulgarians and Byzantines were fought in its area throughout our medieval history. The ancient Bulgarian name Pomorie – Tuhton isn't very familiar. Pomorie is the third largest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast after Varna and Burgas. The town is the birthplace of the famous Bulgarian artist Dechko Stoev.

One of the greatest Bulgarian poets, Peyo Yavorov, lived and worked there. Unique historical and cultural monuments today are the Thracian Dome Tomb, the museum of ancient Anchial salt pans, the churches Christ and St. Mary, the St. George monastery and the architectural reserve "Old Pomorie houses." A landmark of the town is the sacred spring in the St. George monastery. According to history, some of St. George's relics were buried there and the spring above them has healing water. On the 6th of May, the town's feast day, the town's annual feast is organized, and part of the tradition is to visit the sacred spring where everyone pours water for good health. This is an interesting occasion to visit to see the local customs and to feel the festive atmosphere. The town is a wonderful place for family tourism. Due to its interesting infrastructure, beautiful and safe beaches the town has become a favourite place of families with small children. Part of the summer events in the town are the "Week of the Sea" and the festival "Days of Yavorov". Both events are celebrated with daily concerts and public events that pleasantly surprise tourists in the town every summer.