Interesting historical facts

Related to Bulgarian history

  • The Battle of Aheloy, one of the bloodiest battles of the early Middle Ages between the Bulgarian state, which was gaining ground in the Balkans, and Byzantium;

  • The Battle of Rusokastro, Tsar Ivan Alexander's last victory over Byzantium before the fall of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. 

  • Petrova Niva locality. In 1903, a congress of the 7th Odrin Revolutionary District was held there, at which the Internal Macedonian-Odrinian Revolutionary Organization decided to declare the Preobrazhenie Uprising in support of the Ilinden Uprising that broke out in Macedonia.

Related to Byzantium 

  • Fort Deultum, a Roman fortress that played the role of a bridgehead in front of Constantinople and protected the approaches from the so-called barbarian invaders from the east – village of Debelt, Sredets Municipality. Negotiations between the Gothic invaders and Byzantium took place here before the great battle of Andriopoul, today's Edirne. 

  • Aquae Calidae, Vetren Neighbourhood, Burgas Municipality, a place where Roman emperors were treated at the mineral springs. The emperors and their retinues used to go by sea to Anchialos, now the town of. Pomorie and there along a well-built road, remains of which are still found, they reached the springs. On top of the half-ruined pools from Roman times, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent had a new bath (kapladzha hamam) built, where the sultan was treated for gout.

  • The Patriarch of Constantinople (Ecumenical), Jeremiah II, born in Anchialos, granted autocephaly to the Russian Church in 1536 and it was granted patriarchal status. Jeremiah II remained Patriarch of Constantinople until his death in 1595.